Our story

Our story begins in the middle of summer at a small delicatessen where our hero and heroine first meet.  The two glance at each other oblivious to what their future holds.  Our hero’s father jokes prophetically to our heroine’s mother about blue and red becoming purple.  The first significant meeting between our players goes unremarked as they part ways and go about their daily lives.

The story continues a short while later where our hero and heroine are thrust together on an unexpected quest to journey to a neighboring town to train the locals there.  This epic journey is where our hero first entertains the idea of a relationship with our heroine.  He enters into a lengthy dialogue attempting to spark in our guarded heroine feelings of the same.  Our heroine is polite and engages in conversation but our hero quickly ascertains our heroine’s current disinterest.  Realizing his own heart isn’t up to the task he allows the interest to fade and instead turns his efforts to friendship and trust.
Over the course of the next several months our hero and heroine have many encounters and their friendship begins to build.  The next significant event occurs one fateful evening while our players achieve an important goal together.  Their seemingly effortless collaboration places into the back of each of their minds the thought that maybe they could extend their friendship into deeper realms.  Here again we find our hero meditating on the possibility of a deeper relationship between himself and her.  He could sense the smallest spark of possibility, but still felt a wall between them.

Having spent the previous several months on his own journey of spiritual discovery and growth he finally felt ready for what he sensed, but knew that our heroine wasn’t prepared or ready.  He knew she needed friendship, and did his best to provide.  It is here that our heroine finally comes to a crossroads in her life and begins her own journey of spiritual discovery and growth.

The next significant crossing of paths occurs when our hero assists our heroine in relocating her domicile.  During this event our hero’s patience and service causes our heroine to finally ponder her own possible feelings.  It is during this time that our heroine comes to discover that she has truly come to trust our hero, something she thought impossible!  Our hero, sensing the change in the relationship, begins to seriously consider his own feelings.  He comes to realize, through much prayer and discussion with his closest confidants that he truly does want to explore the possibility of a deeper relationship.  Thus begins his concerted effort to win over our heroine, to intentionally seek meaningful encounters with her.  At the grand party of our heroine’s name day, she finally confronts her own growing feelings and seeks counsel of her own confidants.

Having worked his plan, our hero sets in motion events to culminate in an encounter that will either move the relationship deeper or end any such thought.  The fateful luncheon begins routinely but our heroine can see that our hero is clearly nervous.  After much ado about nothing, and a lot of patient waiting by our heroine, our hero finally broaches the subject of their relationship.  Our heroine shows interest but is overwhelmed with apprehension and asks for patience and time to consider the relationship.  After several days and another outing, our heroine finally decides to trust God and say yes to deepening the relationship between the new couple.

The seven months that follow are filled with much wonder and excitement has our couple grows closer together.  They spend many an hour discussing all manner of topics.  Through endless discussion, time together, prayer, and talks with his closest advisors, our hero comes to realize that he has fallen in love with our heroine and wants to spend the rest of his life with her.  Our heroine through her own such devices comes to realize the love and trust for her hero that has formed in her heart.

This brings us to a glorious day on the seven month anniversary of their relationship, when our hero sets up a perfect evening.  After a lovely picnic and a stroll among nature, our hero purposes to our heroine, which is greeted with joy and adulation, and a resounding yes!  And thus begins the next chapter in their saga.  But that is a story for another day …